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Housing Navigation is a focused, outcome oriented, and time limited service that helps people with disabilities who need or want to move to community-based housing to obtain and maintain stable, long-term housing of their choice. Navigation services include: housing start up services, developing an individual housing action plan, implementing a housing action plan, including finding a home and coordinating a move, and creating a housing sustainability plan and transition to ongoing service providers.

It is our goal to ensure you have the ability to live the most independent, integrated, and meaningful life possible! Through a partnership with you, your circle of support, and our team, we will work to ensure you are safe in the home of your dreams!

Hawthorne Foundation Inc. offers:

  • 50+ Years of Experience

  • ABA Methodology

  • Housing Navigation

  • Self-Direction Services

  • Fiscal Intermediary Services

  • Community Habilitation, Respite, Crisis Intervention

  • Brokering Services

What Would You Like? How Can We Support you? 

It’s Your Choice!


As an educational program, we have learned through the years that individualization and intimate settings provide the learner a better opportunity to succeed. We aim to provide the same perspective when it comes to housing for our former students and members of the communities we serve. With our staff of New York State Certified Housing Navigators, we will work with and for you to find the home of YOUR dreams, and the support to make living as independently in the community possible.







Juliesa HFI Staff Member

Juliesa S. McFarlane

Training Coordinator 

Housing Navigator

(914) 999-3132 x3050


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