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Hawthorne Country Day School is a 12-month program.   HCDS operates on a regular school schedule with a six-week extended school year program. Summer program includes swimming lessons in our on-site swimming pool.  Admissions is on a rolling admissions basis dependent on availability. 

Self-Direction, Day Habilitation Program and Group Home admissions is dependent on availability and/or appropriate space.  

To request more information:

Contact:  Ann Marie Babcock

Admissions Coordinator

(914) 592-8526 x2004

You can also request more information with this form:

Thank you for your email. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Hawthorne Country Day School:

HCDS Preschool

The admission process can start with a phone call, an email, or receipt of a referral.  Typically, students are referred to the Hawthorne Country Day school through a district referral.  The referral usually consists of a formal referral letter from child’s district along with current IEP, school reports and evaluations.

Once a referral is received and reviewed by admission committee, the family is invited to meet the program coordinator and/or a senior teacher to tour the program.  During this interview process the parents/guardians get to visit some of our classrooms and meet some of our teachers and related service providers.   During this visit the senior teacher will do some informal assessments in a classroom with the potential student. 

Day Habilitation/Vocational Training, Fiscal Intermediary and Group Homes (IRAs):

Day Hab Program Participant
William Britt Artist. IRA Program

Day Habilitation - Typically, we receive referrals from Care Coordinators and parent/guardians.  An interview is set up to meet the potential individual.   Our Day Habilitation Coordinator meets with the family and/or care coordinator to discuss our program.   Applicants are invited to spend time visiting the program to ensure we are a good fit. 

Group Homes – referrals are requested from Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).   Admissions committee reviews the referrals for the appropriateness of the opening in the home.  A call is then placed to the Care Coordinator/Parent/Guardian to set up interview and home visit. 

Please contact Ann Marie Babcock, Admissions Coordinator at (914) 592-8525 x3165 or

FI/Self-Direction - Interested families can contact Kathy Williams at (914) 999-3132 x5012 or 

Care coordinators and support brokers can also contact our FI department on behalf of interested families and individuals.


Sherman Hall, Hawhorne Country Day School

HCDS - Westchester

HCDS Manhattan



Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation -


Baron De Hirsch

Westchester Group Homes/IRAs

Admissions Coordinator

Ann Marie Babcock

Ann Marie Babcock

Admissions Coordinator

(914) 592-8526 x2004


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